As I Move From The “Approve” To The “Jury Is Still Out” Bucket…

…with respect to the Sarah Palin pick, I pledge to try to keep an open mind until her acceptance speech.  However, one ‘scandal’ that has been reported as fact is apparently not.  Sarah Palin appears to have never been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, according to no less a far-left source than Mother [...]

The End Of An Odd Campaign

Fred Thompson is out – of course, you heard this much earlier, but I couldn’t get to my PC until now.  Thompson never really seemed to have his heart in it, and his entire campaign, in retrospect, feels a bit forced and phony.  I certainly never thought he had a shot, and the most interesting [...]

Another One Gone

Bye-bye, Duncan Hunter…is Thompson next?  After a half-hearted “I’m staying in” that sounded more like “I’m getting out”, stay tuned…

One The Eve Of A Big, Big Primary Day…

…I found myself temporarily at a loss for words,  It’s not that there aren’t good angles to each race tomorrow, but rather, that the stupidity in the air has become a bit overwhelming at the moment. Consider that we are now seeing the following: 1.  Bill and Hillary Clinton attempting to disenfranchise poor casino workers [...]

Huckabee Wins, Dems Still In Doubt

It couldn’t be closer on the Democratic side, but Huckabee is going to win Iowa going away on the Republican side (that’s one prediction I missed – the other, that Fred Thompson would not finish third, is still in doubt, though Thompson is holding on to third by a thin margin at the moment)…more later… [...]

Keep An Eye On Fred Thompson…

…not because he will finish in the top three in Iowa (he won’t), but because he will drop out of the race, reports the Politico, and endorse…John McCain, who suddenly is looking like a real candidate again (Intrade, for the first time in this race, has Giuliani running second, behind…yep, John McCain)…very intriguing storyline….

Iowa Predictions

What the hey…with polls showing both parties completely up for grabs in Iowa, I’ll put my two cents in with predictions. Republicans:  Mitt Romney Democrats: Hillary Clinton Second will go to Huckabee and Edwards, respectively.  Big losers on the day will be Obama, with a tough-to-swallow third, and Fred Thompson, who will begin the slink [...]

The End Of Rudy?

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Rudy free-fall story, but Jim Geraghty says “Not so fast”: …Rudy will remain in okay shape until it’s a two man race, and that for him to win the nomination, he needs the last remaining Not Rudy candidate to be too bruised to triumph. Iowa, for now, [...]

The Race For Number Two

Rudy Giuliani has led the Republican pack wire-to-wire (at least nationally – among the early primary states, Romney seems the frontrunner), but look what’s happening in the race for second.  A plunging Fred Thompson, a resurgent McCain, and Romney are within three points of each other in the RCP averages, and Mike Huckabee is surging [...]

Frontrunners Then, Frontrunners Now, Frontrunners In The Future

The most remarkable thing about Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani is not that they are the undisputed frontrunners for their parties’ respective nominations, though clearly they are; no, the remarkable thing is how clearly and consistently they have stayed on top, despite assaults from candidates that both parties’ bases clearly prefer.  Obama and Thompson have been [...]

Don’t Feel Much Like Blogging Today…

…as I just found out that someone in California has hit my bank account for many hundreds of dollars in at least ten transactions through a credit card linked to the account (hope you get arrested tonight, now that it’s been reported stolen, jackass!).  I know for a fact my credit card was used at a [...]

If Elections Were Decided By National Polls, This One Would Be Over

Hillary Clinton has opened up a lead over her Democratic rivals that can only be described as formidable, as a glance at the RealClearPolitics polling summary page shows.  Her average margin is over 26%(!)…BUT (there’s always a but) despite my headline, polls aren’t the deciding factor in elections, specific votes in specific locations are.  Nevertheless, [...]

Rudy Tops Republicans In Latest Quarterly Money Chase

Though his take was less than half of Hillary’s prodigious haul, Rudy Giuliani managed to top his Republican rivals for the 2nd quarter in a row, solidifying his frontrunner status, and perhaps more importantly, retaining a significant stash of ‘on-hand’ cash…meaning, to this observer, that even some of those early primary states that favor Romney [...]

Give Obama This Much…

…the man can raise funds: Barack Obama raised more than $19 million this summer for the presidential primaries, holding his lead for now in the race for campaign cash though still trailing Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in national polls. Fred Thompson, the GOP newcomer, has collected more than $11.5 million since June when he [...]

Checking In On The Polls…

With just a 4.8% average spread between Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson at the RealClearPolitics polling page, the GOP race is as tight as it has been since…well, maybe ever. Or is it? Thompson is, of course, benefiting from his recent announcement at the moment, and enjoying a bounce that will probably decline. He is [...]

Yep, Another Debate…

…and yep, I missed this one, too.  Egads, I’m falling down on the job lately! Fortunately, Chuck Todd of National Journal fame caught it, and he runs down the winners and losers: Let’s start with the winners: Thompson came out a winner within the first five minutes thanks to the moderator’s opening question about the [...]

Has Thompson Missed His Moment?

No, says Jay Cost: Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy this week – but many pundits think that it is over before it started. Thompson missed his “moment” by holding out through the summer. I could not disagree with this more. Without commenting on the likelihood of Thompson being the GOP nominee, I think it [...]

It’s A Three-Man Race Again For The GOP…

…and it may finally be time for this blogger to take Mitt Romney seriously. I have openly scoffed at the notion of a supposed ‘front runner’ who can’t even break into double digits, but a glance at the Real Clear Politics poll page shows Romney is routinely hitting double digits now. It may be unfair [...]

Straw Poll Results Due Shortly

Delayed because of a malfunction…Romney will, of course, win…the real question is how poorly Guiliani will do (or is he even eligible to get votes? I forget how these things work, that’s how much stock I put into ‘straw polls’ – though this piece says his name will be on the ballot), and how well [...]

Newsweek Channels Billy Joel

Voters are in a New York state of mind, according to the their latest poll results: If the primaries were held today, Senator Clinton would best her closest rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, by a comfortable 44 percent to 23 percent margin. This represents a 5 point jump since the June NEWSWEEK Poll, which gave [...]