2006 Jackass Of The Year: George Allen

It’s a little unfair to name George Allen the Jackass of the Year; for one, I don’t really think he’s a jackass.  He did run a very troubled campaign in 2006, though, and as such, I’m giving him the award as a kind of surrogate for all Republican candidates, rather than pull a TIME-type generic [...]

Hewitt: Rudy, Romney Viable – But Not McCain?

So says Hugh: There is an advantage in doing scores of events for radio audiences and Republican activists over the past two years: At each of them I get to conduct my straw poll.  In early 2005, I offered audiences the right to vote for one of five possible nominees –Senators Allen, Frist or McCain, [...]

Who In The World Is Felix Macaca?

From our dear beloved Kos: We caught Felix Macaca off guard while he was focused on Iowa and New Hampshire. Felix Macaca? I’ve searched high and low for a politician with that name…now, there was a politician from Virginia by the name of George Felix Allen who regrettably used that term in a campaign appearance, [...]

And Then There Were Four…

McCain, Rudy G., Tommy Thompson, and Duncan Hunter are the four Republicans who now have formed exploratory committees for 2008 bids: The 2008 race for the White House intensified Thursday as one of the big name Republican players, Sen. John McCain, threw himself into the fray. The 70-year-old Arizona senator is the fourth Republican to [...]

Wow! I Take One Little Post-Election Break To Go See A Movie…

…and the Republicans lose the Senate: A Democratic takeover of the Senate is appearing likely after an ongoing canvass of votes in Virginia produced no significant changes in the outcome of the hard-fought race led by Democratic challenger Jim Webb, sources told CNN Wednesday. Wednesday night, with Webb leading Republican Sen. George Allen by about [...]

A Word Of Caution

I’ve been highlighting some numbers in the past day or two that give the Republicans a glimmer of hope, including the three single-digit generic voter polls.  Nevertheless, if you live by the numbers, you can die by the numbers, and there are a number of polls that still show the Democrats with a significant lead. [...]

Virginia Remains Agonizingly Close…

…though an honest observer must admit the momentum has been going Webb’s way.  On the outside chance that I have any undecided Virginia readers, let me remind you once more why a vote for Allen is your best option (it’s the economy, stupid! – oh, wait, if I’m trying to sway your vote, I shouldn’t [...]

Well, It’s About Time!

I’ve been harping on Republicans to run on tax cuts and the economy for literally months now, and with the exception of George Allen, I’ve heard mostly crickets chirping.  Maybe that’s changing now: Republicans seized on a drop in the unemployment rate to assert on Friday that tax cuts were invigorating the economy, highlighting just [...]

McIntyre: Senate Leans Dem, BUT…

…it’s still not a sure thing: …[T]hree races [are] clear Toss Ups: Missouri, Virginia and Montana. Assuming a Ford loss in Tennessee, Democrats will need to sweep all three of these states to win control of the Senate. Montana had been a race that Democrats felt they had in the bag due to Burns’ Abramoff problems, [...]

I’ve Stayed Out Of This One Until Now…

…but regarding that liberal blogger/activist who was “attacked for merely exercising his free speech by Allen supporters” (and who had earlier telegraphed his intention of causing an incident on Daily Kos)….look at the following sequence from the AllenHQ blog and tell me if it changes your opinion of what happened.  I personally find it quite [...]

George Will: Romney The Frontrunner

I find his conclusion very improbable, but he does make an interesting case: [Sen. George] Allen’s radically reduced prospects will make it less likely that McCain can duplicate his 2000 triumph in New Hampshire’s primary. As one seasoned New Hampshire Republican says, “It is difficult to capture lightning in a bottle twice.” It will be [...]

More Uh-Oh…

I may as well say it: though my prediction of Dems +4 stands, for now, if we lose Virginia, we likely lose the Senate…and a new Rasmussen poll has Webb +5. RealClearPolitics puts it this way: Rasmussen has just released what is a little bit of a shocker poll showing George Allen dropping seven points [...]

It’s Good News, Bad News For The GOP…

….with the latest LA Times/Bloomberg Senate polls, as Corker leads Ford 49-44 in Tennessee (woo-hoo!), but Webb is up over Allen 47-44 (d’oh!).  That seems like an outlier on the Webb-Allen match (on both races, really), so I’d like to see confirmation from other new polls over the next few days before I get too [...]

Allen Leads Webb – Barely

With the control of the Senate hanging by a thread, no race, perhaps, is more important to the GOP than the Virginia Senate.  It’s an absolute must-win, and the Allen campaign has fought hard to get back in this race.  Most polls have shown Allen with a narrow lead, including the latest Mason-Dixon result: U.S. [...]

It’s The Tax Cuts, Stupid, Part Eight: In The Home Stretch

With the elections little more than two weeks away, I still don’t see enough of a coordinated effort by the Republicans to use perhaps their best remaining argument to stay in power.  I’m talking about the Bush tax cuts.  Here’s George Will: …[S]ince the Bush tax cuts went into effect in 2003, the economy’s growth [...]

The Definition Of A Backhanded Compliment

It’s clear that Marc Fisher, writing in the Washington Post, is no fan of George Allen. It’s also clear that he can’t help but admire the simplicity of the Allen campaign’s response to runaway negativity: focus on the issues. Suddenly, macaca, Jewish heritage and racial slurs are yesterday’s news. Look through Virginia’s newspapers, look even [...]

Interesting Choice Of Inspirations

The George Allen blog notes The Nation looking on with approval at James Webb’s nods to…Marx and Engels.  I’ve noted before Webb’s solid progressive (read: populist or socialist, pick your poison) credentials on economic matters, causing one commenter to note with exasperation: Can we all agree that we’re OK with the free market system? Can [...]

It Ain’t ALL Bad News…

In addition to Lieberman’s newfound polling strength, George Allen has opened an 11%(!) lead over Webb, according to the latest Zogby numbers (a lot of the polling took place pre-Foley, so you can maybe knock a few percent off of that): Incumbent Virginia Sen. George Allen, who has suffered through some serious campaign missteps in recent [...]

As The Republicans Lose Ground In The Senate Races Overall…

…Allen appears to be gaining ground in the hotly contested Virginia race with Webb.  Although the Mason-Dixon poll has the two candidates dead even, Rasmussen and SurveyUSA have Allen with a six-point lead.  That’s tight, but it looks like the bleeding has stopped, and the scales are tipping in his favor a bit.  I’d like [...]

Changing The Tone In Virginia

James Webb’s campaign has responded to the Allen camp’s recent ad criticizing his retrograde stance on women in the military by asking for a return to the issues.  That’s music to my ears, both because the contest has been very nasty of late and because I think on the issues, the Republican incumbent is in better shape.  [...]

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