Tough Luck, Lefty Bloggers…

…but a couple of easy targets have announced they WON’T make Senate runs.  From the right, Jeb Bush…and from the (mostly) left, Chris Matthews.  The Senate has been the focus of a lot of attention lately, but zero blogging from these quarters, so let me weigh in on a couple of things for the record.  [...]


Is a Romney-Bush pairing in the works? Gov. Mitt Romney is tapping the seasoned political team of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, leading to speculation that the Mormon from Massachusetts may be courting the Bible Belt blueblood for a possible Romney-Bush ’08 ticket. Earlier this month, Jeb Bush’s former chief of staff and top political adviser, [...]

Into The Hornets’ Nest

Wow, that NY Times piece on the Clintons’ marriage really stirred up the lefty side of the blogosphere.   Open Thread – excuse me, Atrios – points to the Giuliani marital escapades and wonders why they aren’t front page news (as if they won’t be, should he run). Digby (who, like Open – er Atrios – [...]

The Commissar Set The Trap For Bear…

…and the bats…er, bears…came running…

McCain By Default?

That seems to be the conclusion of Larry Sabato, who sizes up the 2008 GOP nomination and finds everyone lacking, but McCain lacking less: Underlying the McCain revival is a growing belief by senior Republicans that a candidate in the Bush mold will be unable to win the elusive “third term” for the GOP. The [...]

Quick Shots: The Politics of the Personal

Our good friend Clint, at his blog Right Question, examines the politics of the personal as practiced by Howard Dean… Karl Maher says a certain Republican is looking good post-Katrina…and it ain’t Rudy… Just because other stories have been grabbing the headlines doesn’t mean Able Danger has gone anywhere; get up to date with the [...]

Jeb 2008? I’m Just Not Seeing It

Brendan Miniter, writing in the Wall Street Journal, gamely tries to keep Jeb Bush’s 2008 prospects alive by offering an endorsement of sorts of a Bush doctrine of incrementally smaller government: Before stepping out onto the national stage, this Bush generation’s ideas of incrementally smaller government proved popular with voters in two large states. George [...]