Am I ALWAYS A Partisan Hack?

Of course, I’d like to think not…so let me cross my party twice here: First, it’s about time Al Franken was seated. I don’t like him, and I don’t think he’ll add anything but rancor to the Senate (surprise me, Al, surprise me)…but this has gone on long enough. I’m glad Coleman finally conceded, but [...]

Let’s Get This Over With

All right, I suppose some comment on Sanford is necessary.  First of all, I find it sad when private problems overwhelm a public figure.  Obviously, Sanford’s national aspirations are dead; more than that, though, he faces public humiliation and a very difficult situation with his family. I share John Dickerson’s appraisal: The personal impact of [...]

The Most and Least Wanted Candidates

John Hawkins at Right Wing News polled 200+ bloggers (but not yours truly – should I be insulted?) on their most and least wanted 2008 Republican nominees. You can see the results here, but since I wasn’t asked, I’ll share my thoughts on the question (shrewd readers will notice I’m adopting the John Kerry approach [...]

Sanford Denies ’08 Run

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina always struck me as a good dark horse candidate for 2008, but he’s claiming disinterest: Gov. Mark Sanford “absolutely” will not run for president in 2008. In a wide-ranging interview with The State newspaper in his State House office last week, Sanford said he would not be a candidate [...]

Candidate Profile Six – Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford doesn’t have the name recognition of a Powell, Rice, or Clinton, but the conservative governor of South Carolina has some other compensating qualities: he’s relatively young, his conservative politics fit in well with the national mood at the moment, and there is a precedent for Southern governors winning nationally. A correspondent suggested I [...]