Vitally Important Day, Electorally Speaking…

…and we should be getting some results soon.  If there is late momentum, it’s seems to be going Hillary’s way, ironically enough because of NAFTA, a subject of great interest around these parts as of late.  Obama did the wrong thing by pandering to Ohio natives about NAFTA, then did the right thing by sending [...]

While We’re Waiting For The Polls To Close In Wisconsin…

…I might as well tell you that early voting in the Texas primary began today.  I voted – though I leave it to you to guess the party and candidate.  I’ll also enlighten you to my status as ‘big loser’ – I know, you’re shocked.  But this time, I mean because I was an early [...]

Lone Star Showdown

So, with Texas in play for the first time in memory, how do the polls look? Surprisingly close, on both sides of the aisle.  The Texas Credit Union League Poll (wtf?) has Clinton up 8, but McCain by merely 4. However, American Research Group has Obama(!) up six, and McCain by the same margin. I’m [...]

Romney Shows The Way

Mike Huckabee, take note: Former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced Thursday that he is backing Sen. John McCain in his bid for the Oval Office. “I am honored today to give my full support to Sen. McCain’s candidacy for the presidency of the United States,” Romney said in a joint news conference with Sen. [...]

Big Night For McCain and Obama…

…though McCain needed it more, after the somewhat embarrassing Saturday results.  I suspect McCain wanted to win Virginia by more than 9, but still, a win is a win (and Virginia is winner-take-all)… The interesting thing about the Obama results is that he has been not just winning, but pummeling Hillary…and that’s exactly what he [...]

There Are Some Primaries Today…

…in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Maryland, and Kansas (well, some for one party and not the other, and some are caucuses).  No results yet, though polling showed Obama way ahead in Maryland.  I would be not at all surprised to see Mike Huckabee win at least once today: best shot is probably the Kansas caucus.  More [...]

I Guess I Should Weigh In At This Point

I’ve been waiting to post on this most crucial day until a storyline developed, but it’s been damn tough to tease out.  If there is a story this Super Tuesday, it seems to be this: Mike Huckabee has done better than any candidate with no money and no organization ever has.  He won’t win the [...]

All Eyes On The California Prize

As we celebrate Super (Bowl) Sunday on the way to Super Tuesday, one state stands head and shoulders above the rest.  The Golden State is the nation’s most populous, and this year, it represents the last best hope for Mitt Romney, and to a lesser extent, Barack Obama.  Both underdogs can point to recent polling [...]


It’s getting awfully hard to avoid the conclusion that Mike Huckabee is angling for the VP job in a McCain administration: Mike Huckabee brushed off predictions Thursday that he would drop out of the Republican presidential nominating contest, but dropped new hints that he’d prefer John McCain to Mitt Romney as the party’s eventual pick.Huckabee, [...]

ABMs Out In Force…

…Anyone But McCains, that is…as the sun rose today over a GOP nomination battle that is all but over, the first reaction of the conservative McCain haters (and they are plentiful) was that of denial, as best exemplified by Hugh Hewitt, who spent the entire day railing against McCain and spinning up far-fetched scenarios involving [...]

For The GOP, The Fat Lady Warms Up

The wires are full of stories that Rudy Giuliani has cut a deal to endorse John McCain on Wednesday.  With Huckabee’s continued friendliness to McCain (including the very real possibility that he is staying in to siphon votes from Romney to get a VP bid) and the huge win in Florida tonight, it’s safe to [...]

The End Of An Odd Campaign

Fred Thompson is out – of course, you heard this much earlier, but I couldn’t get to my PC until now.  Thompson never really seemed to have his heart in it, and his entire campaign, in retrospect, feels a bit forced and phony.  I certainly never thought he had a shot, and the most interesting [...]

End Of The Road For Huckabee Nearing?

If so, that would be bad news for John McCain, since Huckabee’s supporters would be more likely to swing Romney’s way: Battling to stay competitive after his weekend loss in South Carolina, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is taking new steps to save money, including no longer scheduling planes and buses for journalists trying to [...]

AP Calls Nevada For Romney

As expected, really…no news yet on any of the day’s other results, but I’ll update when available… UPDATE 2:29 p.m.: With 11% of the vote in, Clinton is up by 4%.  Based on the entrance poll results, this is enough for me: I’m jumping the gun yet again…in a worldwide exclusive, I’m declaring Hillary Clinton [...]

One The Eve Of A Big, Big Primary Day…

…I found myself temporarily at a loss for words,  It’s not that there aren’t good angles to each race tomorrow, but rather, that the stupidity in the air has become a bit overwhelming at the moment. Consider that we are now seeing the following: 1.  Bill and Hillary Clinton attempting to disenfranchise poor casino workers [...]

So What The Fudge Happens Now?

South Carolina is next (for Republicans) and the polls, which show a slight McCain edge, are even more useless than they have been up to this point in this wacky, koo-koo primary season.  Why?  They were all taken during a time frame when McCain was still enjoying the winner’s glow from New Hampshire, and before [...]

Next Stop, Michigan

The real fun this Tuesday will be on the Republican side, as Mitt Romney tries to make a stand and stay in the race with a win in his home state.  There is no question that McCain has been enjoying a remarkably robust turnaround, but he faces an uphill climb in Michigan.  There have been [...]

Looking Ahead: Romney’s Last Stand?

Quick takes on the road ahead: Romney must win Michigan.  Period.  Polls show him ahead of McCain, but narrowly, and McCain has the momentum. Clinton has a huge lead in Nevada, and has regained the upper hand in the Democratic race.  Overnight, the narrative has changed completely for the donkeys.  Huckabee has a large lead [...]

Early New Hampshire Results

9% of precincts in, Hillary leads Obama by 37-36(!), McCain over Romney 37-28%… UPDATE 7:04 p.m.: Hillary up by 3% now with 11% in – if she wins this, and she may very well, it just goes to show that nothing that anyone in the pundit class says (myself included) means much of anything.  Sigh…I’m not [...]

No Sure Things Yet

Obama’s momentum is undeniably real, and the wear is starting to show in the Hillary camp – and with Hillary herself.  The vote in New Hampshire seems a foregone conclusion – but it’s wrong to say that Hillary is out with a loss.  In fact, she still polls comfortably ahead in such delegate-rich states as [...]