Sudden Resignations Are Usually a Sign of Trouble Brewing…

…and though I don’t know the truth of the matter, of course, there are numerous stories about that Alaska’s ex-governor (you know who) might be on the verge of an embezzlement scandal.  However, it should be noted that most of these stories are from very left-leaning sources, and the national media is not, to my [...]

On Eve Of Election, Palin Cleared Of Ethics Charge

The original story got hyped up, so let’s not downplay the sequel: an independent counsel (as opposed to the politicians of the Alaskan legislature) has said Palin is in the clear on Troopergate: A second investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused the powers of her office to pursue a personal vendetta has found “no [...]

The Top Reasons Barack Obama Will Win On Tuesday

We’re winding down now, and although I am going to keep this blog active under the current name for a little while after Tuesday (perhaps through the inauguration), I think it’s time to face facts: Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.  Why?  Let us count down the reasons:  #10: Guts.  It [...]

Troopergate Shoe Falls, But Does Anyone Care At This Point?

McCain is so behind in the polls right now, and the economy is such an overwhelming issue, that presidential politics is almost an afterthought a mere three weeks or so before the election…but an Alaskan legislative panel has found that Sarah Palin abused her powers as governor by relentlessly pursuing the firing of a state [...]

With One Month Until My Blog Becomes Obsolete…

…it really is looking more and more like Obama is going to win this thing handily.  He is up by a statistically significant margin in every poll, and much more troubling for McCain, he has regained momentum in the crucial battleground states that will swing the election.  It might even be a massacre, looking at [...]

Jeez- What A Time To Lose My Internet Connection!

Been down all night, until now, and now it’s time for bed – but a quick thought.  I agree with the conventional wisdom that Palin did better than expected, but Biden did well, too…this is twice now that Palin has come through with everything on the line, whether you love her or hate her…but alas, [...]

The McCain Bounce Has Pretty Much Evaporated…

…and the polls are in a statistical dead heat, with Obama typically leading in the most recent ones (maybe I should say the Palin bounce has evaporated).  I think Obama has gotten off the defensive, and wisely moved beyond Palin to McCain’s ‘lies and distortions’.  It’s a wise tactic because (a) attacking Palin wasn’t working, [...]

I Need A Laugh…

…after the David Foster Wallace news, and so, fittingly, I turn to pop culture.  Regardless of your politics, Tina Fey pretty much nailed Sarah Palin tonight on Saturday Night Live (no, I don’t watch it anymore, either, but I came across this and thought you might find it amusing):

Up Next For Palin: Hannity

Ahem…well, this certainly won’t calm her liberal critics anyway, though I suspect the base will be delighted: The Sarah Palin media roll-out continues. After doing two days of interviews with ABC’s Charles Gibson this week, the Alaska governor will sit down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday. It will be Palin’s second television interview [...]

The Palin Interview: One Big Gaffe, But Not A Fatal One

That’s the inference I draw from the excerpts I have seen online, and the reaction pieces from various media outlets.  I did not see the interview.  Some described it as ‘tense’, ‘awkward’, and similar phrases…and many noted she seemed to be too heavily scripted.  I do know that she blew the Bush Doctrine question…for those [...]

Stop It. Please. Enough…

…Aaargh!  This ‘lipstick on a pig’ business is just about as juvenile as I’ve ever seen a campaign get.  John McCain MUST put a stop to this sort of crap.  The phrase “you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig” is a pretty delightful bit of populist wisdom that is as [...]

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

That little piece of homespun wisdom is true about all the anti-Obama viral e-mails, and it holds equally true for Sarah Palin.  True, she is not the perfect candidate – she has been shielded somewhat from the press, she has a few skeletons in the closet from Alaska that may yet play a role, and [...]

Okay, It’s All Post-Convention Now…

…and we can see clearly that the Republicans had a very successful convention.  It’s not the convention I wanted, mind you – Romney was horrible, my man Rudy was bombastic, and McCain a bit dull, though Palin was a shocking surprise on the upside.  Indeed, I wonder whether what we are seeing is a conventional, [...]

Palin WILL Meet the Press…

…but not on Meet the Press.  Sarah Palin has granted her first big post-convention interview to ABC morning show vet Charlie Gibson.  I don’t think this is much of a story, but I’m only highlighting it because it’s become a rallying cry for the left that Palin is avoiding the press (not without justification – [...]

Okay, NOW It’s Time For The Agenda

I’ve got the same problem with the Republican convention thus far that I had with the Democrats…up to now, there have been very few specifics.  McCain carries the same burden Obama did…we’ve heard the biography, we know he’s a hero, a maverick, a man of honor – but now we need to know a little [...]

How Sweet It Is!

The headline from the NY Times: Palin Defies Critics and Electrifies Party…(UPDATE 1:22 a.m.: Well, the headline says “Assails Critics” now – not quite as cool)… Just didn’t want that to get buried in the updates to the post below… UPDATE 12:08 a.m.: Also from the Times, Katharine Seelye: The feeling inside the hall during [...]

Palin Has Her Work Cut Out For Her Tonight

This is a real make-or-break speech.  The media narrative surrounding Sarah Palin has become overwhelmingly negative.  She needs to replace the narrative with a positive one by exceeding expectations in a major way.  Leaked excerpts indicate she will attack Obama – but that’s not going to be enough.  This is truly about her.  I’m expecting [...]

As I Move From The “Approve” To The “Jury Is Still Out” Bucket…

…with respect to the Sarah Palin pick, I pledge to try to keep an open mind until her acceptance speech.  However, one ‘scandal’ that has been reported as fact is apparently not.  Sarah Palin appears to have never been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, according to no less a far-left source than Mother [...]

At This Point, Does Anyone Care?

After the crazy baby rumor stuff, and the hurricane, and the long Labor Day weekend, the GOP (already facing an ‘enthusiasm gap’) is going to have to really struggle to keep this convention on track.  At this point, I can’t even find out the schedule for tomorrow.  My man Rudy G. was originally scheduled to [...]

In A Bizarre Twist To The Palin Fake Pregnancy Rumors…

…it turns out that Bristol Palin (now age 17) IS in fact pregnant at the moment!  The campaign released the news in response to the fake pregnancy rumors concerning Palin’s 5th child, born with Down syndrome: Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, is pregnant and will keep the baby and marry the father, [...]